The Maverick Expo is a week long exhibition & performance event launched by Joseph Latimore in 2015, London UK.


The event showcases a select roster of emerging galleries, curators, collectives & performance artists.


And, by design, the event coincides with major franchise art events (ie., Frieze London & NYC, Art Basel - Switzerland, Hong Kong & Miami and Paris' FIAC).

The 10th edition will open November 3 thru November 21, 2021 @ Art Club NYC (Brooklyn)

And, will feature a series of movie posters (fictional & real) produced by an eclectic roster of artists that includes Alexandra Rubinstein, Zdzislaw V, Robert Michaux, Aurelie Freoua, Tong Wang and Brian Andrew Whiteley.





































Edition #9 - took place August 4 - 23, 2021 @ Art Club NYC's Brooklyn artspace..

A Disposable Camera Project

curated by
Joseph Latimore

While participating in the 2012 NADA/Miami art fair, my booth neighbor - McGregor Harp of W/-- Projects curated a Disposable Camera concept that I thought was extremely clever and it left a lasting impression on me.

So, I provided 13 artists with disposable cameras to shoot whatever they desired - I developed the images and framed a select 3 or 4 images for each artist. It was an amazing exhibition, to say the least - well-rounded and very well-received. And, an 80 page book was produced to commemorate the exhibition.